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Mar 20, 2018

Riley gets acquainted with her new surroundings.


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255


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Content Warnings:

Horror Cliches




Allusion to violence

Allusion to attempted suicide and self harm


Discussion of mental health

Discussion of Schizophrenia

Discussion of Tourette's Syndrome

Spooky sound Effects and Voices


Written & Directed by: Vin Ernst

Co-Directed & Edited by: Michael Miller

Producer: Pacific Obadiah

Music by: Tom Rory Parsons

Riley: Taylor Krueger

Ryan: Kenneth Mestas

Eliot: Alexander Low

Nurse Barnett: Ianna Raspberry-Jenkins

Doctor Hayes: Jeffrey Parker

Ethan: Alan Jones

Sarah: Mary Miller

Voice 1: Maria Ibederci

Voice 2: Reino Harsh

Girl: Daniella Shemaiah

Doctor Blake: Mark Twal

Medic 1: Kristen DiMercurio

Medic 2: Nick Hansberry-Lizzy

Medic 3: Marisa Cardin

Driver: Toby Yount

Receptionist: Phoebe Joy

Nurse: Nikki Brandon

Ensemble: Ashlee Jones, Jesse Hall



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